Time Quilt Demo – Microsofts answer to media browsing…

Everytime i look back at things like this i quickly get mesmerized with Microsoft was trying to do….unfortunately in true Microsoft fashion, they did not deliver!

 for those of you that downloaded my “Demos And Design” pack not to long ago i included document titled “CHI2005TimeQuiltshort_phodeo concept” about a concept from Steve Drucker and Resereach and Design team at Microsoft.

 In 2004, Drucker from Microsoft Research and Design Labs presented a careful selection of many previous research concepts integrated into a single browser, the MediaBrowser. By integrating temporal clustering with rapid selection, they were able to make it easier for users to annotate their collection. In an informal study, they found that loading MediaBrowser with more than 500 or 600 objects rendered individual thumbnails hard to distinguish by eye, thus identifying scalability as a topic for future work.

in my recent “cleaning of my collection” i stumbled across this Demo and thought i would share it, it is the TimeQuilt demo!


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2 Responses to Time Quilt Demo – Microsofts answer to media browsing…

  1. Ex says:

    man this sucks so much
    they had so many great things in that LH period and they NEVER finished things…
    and I crawe still today in 2011 for a good image browser, and all apps given
    out there suck !

  2. djcityboy says:

    yeah i agree….i cant believe the amount of research that went into all of this stuff and yet nuthin has came to any build of Windows that is quite like Time Quilt or any other media browsing apps, i would have hoped that all the money they spent on Research & Development we would eventually see sumthin like this…but here we are still in 2011 without anything..lol!

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