Longhorn Demo WDM Effects & DX Abilities

a bit of an old video now, but it was be our only demo of 4067, this is a demo by Jim Allchin showing the capabilites of WDM and what was to be in Windows Longhorn and features Build (4067.private/lddm_dev_tech(devdmo).040212-1646)

the video comes in at about 17MB and is just under 5 minutes….


Download: Longhorn Demo

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2 Responses to Longhorn Demo WDM Effects & DX Abilities

  1. Ian says:

    I am thankful that Microsoft did not cease development of the WDDM and actually made it a fundamental part of the user experience in Windows Vista. The scheduling, prioritization, virtualization, fault tolerance and recovery features discussed during WinHEC 2004 are there in the operating system.

    It seems that almost no one is willing to recognize this fact, though.

  2. Ian says:

    Here is the topic from WinHEC 2004 mentioned in my previous post.

    The reader may compare the topic with Microsoft’s Windows Vista documentation for WDDM. Note the emphasis on the features mentioned previously, and which were also mentioned in the WinHEC 2004 slides.

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