Media Browser Demo A unified system for browsing, filtering and tagging personal images

i have had this demo for quite some time now, and was mentioning it to someone today, and got to thinkin that i dont think many people have seen this…its a media browser with interesting Phodeo type effects, pretty damn cool if you ask me!! i’ve seen these types of effect in some of the older Longhorn Demo Videos i have seen online…

Digital photography. It’s one of the hottest product categories. It seems like everyone’s getting a digital camera lately, but managing those photos is really hard.

Microsoft Research’s Next Media group has the answer. Here Curtis Wong, the guy who leads the group, demos their Media Browser technology ( called it Photo Triage, but the team actually calls it the “Media Browser” because it does more than photos).

This technology demonstrates how you could organize and look at your digital photos in the future.

the demo is about 2 minutes long and about 30MB

Download: Media Browser Demo

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