Slight Hiccup

Hey guys, after i formatted my PC last week and made my post on the February 29th, i was pretty stoked to get back into the swing of things, with the Consumer Preview around the corner and all the hype going on, little did i know a few days after i would find myself in the Emergency Room of the hospital not once but twice….where to start? Well i had Friday March 2nd off which was great way to start the weekend, Saturday the girlfriend and I took a trip out to the country as we have been looking to abopt a Greyhound Dog, i have asthma and heard that Greyhounds are great for people with allergies to dogs so we decided to go and foster one for a month to see what happens. The day started off pretty damn good although i was feeling a bit off for some reason, i had a small cramp in my stomach on the left side and on my lower back, we were at the Greyhound place until about 6:30pm that day, but at approx 5:30 sumthin totally unexpected happened, The cramps were  getting worse (like hot sweats, worse) and it felt like someone had kicked me in my kidneys and beat the crap out of me. we found ourselves a dog we could foster for a month, but i told the girlfriend we need to break out of dodge as i wasnt feeling very good at all, thinking i just had to go home and use the bathroom (TMI, i know! but whatever..) got home used the bathroom and took some TUMS, the pain was so bad at this point i told the GF i was going to get into bed for a bit and just lay down, 30 minutes later we were off to the hospital, the pain at this point was so intense i felt like i was high as a kite, i was mumbling words and shit, sweating like a sauna and was starting to feel nauseous. we got to the hospital and by this time i was a mess 2hrs later, i was told i had Kidney Stones (WTF?) after i gave up some of my precious pee to the doctors, oddly i went through this same thing back in 1997, i had a CT Scan the following day that found 3 stones in my kidneys 1 that was 3mm in size and the other 2 were 2mm in size, the 3mm one has “left my body” but the other 2 are still chillin in my kidneys, the gave me some morphine via an I.V for the pain and all that did was make me feel worse. they tried something else (Toradol) and that seemed to do the trick. so far i have missed a full week of work and experienced for the second time the most intense pain i have ever felt in my life thus far, i wouldn’t wish Kidneys Stones on my worse enemies….all i can say is when people tell you to drink 8 glasses of water a day DO IT! theres a reason for it, i believe i have been mildly dehydrated for a while now and need to start drinking more water. anyways its been a week from hell and i still feel a bit off from not eating and drinking much during the whole ordeal..trying to get my health back together and get some energy. for those who care the dog is awesome as hell (i have never owned a dog before) havent had any crazy allergy fits yet, not sure if thats a sign or not? who knows! i made a Windows 8 dvd cover a few days ago, but have been too lazy to post it with everything going on, stay tuned i’ll be posting it shortly.

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