Windows 8 Consumer Preview DVD Cover

Here we go, for those of you who have downloaded my other dvd covers that i have made, i had some free time during my week stuck at home in crazy pain with Kidney Stones to make a cover for the Consumer Preview of Windows 8 that was released last week i know this is a bit late and i wish i posted this much earlier…but shit happens, now that i go back and look at it i cant say that i am 100% happy with this, but the pain medication i was on made this an overall “FUN” experience, and although this should have really taken me an hour to make, it took much longer as the Dilaudid the gave me for the pain kept playing tricks on me, lol. click for full size, the cover is the perfect size for a dvd case, just save as and print, GO!!!!

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4 Responses to Windows 8 Consumer Preview DVD Cover

  1. iSoftech says:

    Super Cool 🙂

  2. djcityboy says:

    thanx man, glad you like it!

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