Longhorn After All This Time…

You know….its amazing when you think about it, the impact that Windows Longhorn had on the world and Communities far and wide. Even this second it still amazes people and communities are still deep in discussion about the huge amount of builds that leaked as far back as 2002 i believe (?) and its hard to believe that after all this time there are people hacking bits out of builds and installing and re-installing and even with all the Windows 8 hype going on, there are still people talking about Longhorn anyways the point i am trying to make is that people are still bringing unseen things to the table, recently ReflectiaX posted some screenshots on BetaArchive.com that people hadnt seen before, mostly concepts, but its crazy to think that after all this time 10yrs later there is still stuff out there to be found.

the key to it all, and i am sure ReflectiaX would agree that its all about search queries and taking the time to really search for what you are looking for and eventually you will find something.

One of the screenshots was of the PDC 2003 Aero Demo presented by Hillel Cooperman, first shown off by Paul Thurrott (below), but his rendition was of two camera shots during the demo pieced together and wasnt that great and was blurry, but that single screenshot was basically the most epic thing ever seen, lol.

this new screenshot (shown below) that was posted is an actual high quality screenshot *giggles! the quality is spot on!

the other screenshots look like they are from a demo of 405x build which are quite a bit different than anything i have seen before as they all contain different Preview Pane/Shell graphics, either way these are cool as hell and i though i would post them here for those who havent seen them yet on BA.

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5 Responses to Longhorn After All This Time…

  1. lorenzo says:

    how did u get longhorn pls let me knw email: zath13@live.com

  2. djcityboy says:

    the pictures that you are seeing are from demos, demos of builds that didnt exist, well they sorta did, but in concept only i guess anyways If you are looking to download builds of Windows Longhorn, i would suggest that you head on over to BetaArchive.com but WAIT!!!! there are rules that apply to gaining access to all the builds you would ever want and need and you MUST follow them, or you could get banned and then your chances would become much more smaller, but not impossible.

    thanks for dropping by, hope i was able to help!

  3. iddqd says:

    beta archive sucks donkey balls
    go to winworldpc.com, its all free to download
    no freaking registrations or complying stupid BA rules made by kids

  4. djcityboy says:

    ^^ hey thanks for the comments, yeah sometimes following rules can be hard when your a grown man, especially when the rules are made by people half your age, but rules are rules I guess, I get my builds from “other” sources anyways. thanks for dropping by and for the recommendations!

  5. Steve Burrus says:

    Can someone puh-lease tell me just whjat the Product Key is for Windows Longhorn Build 5112 Beta 1?

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