Windows 8 Release Preview DVD Cover

Back in March i created my DVD cover for the Consumer Preview release and once again i have been busy in photoshop, mind you i know its a few days late, but these things happen. this dvd cover is the perfect size for fitting in a dvd case all you need to do is click the image, “save as” and print, the dimensions are already spot on so all you will have to do is hit “Print”. i created a second DVD Cover as well just in case some people arent feeling the abundance of green blasting out of that DVD cover, part of me didn’t like the “THIS IS TOO MUCH GREEEEEN” feeling i got when i made this, so i created a second one using a different background. Follow the instructions for getting the Release Preview and use the key and you should be good to go!


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One Response to Windows 8 Release Preview DVD Cover

  1. djcityboy says:

    ha shit! i just realized that i didnt change the text on the back of the cover…it still says:
    Windows 8 “consumer preview” works great on…..etc. oh well, you win some, you lose some!

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