Windows 8 9431_Build 2013

Hey everyone..

I know its been a while since I have last posted and those of you still following along I completely appreciate it, I decided to give a small update due to the newest Windows 8 build being available today, so if you haven’t had the chance to download or try out Windows 8 yet, you can head right on over to ( and grab a copy for yourself, I haven’t really been following the development of Windows 8 at all, so I am quite out of the loop as far as whats new and all that Jazz, but I think I might take a moment to install this and have another kick at the can, my last experience wasn’t so well. if you haven’t installed an .ISO before follow the directions on the page and you should be fine, but more importantly if you haven’t installed an .ISO before what the heck are you doing here…lol

thanks everyone for checking in, my stats show page visits and such, sorry for the lack of updates, the GF and I are expecting our first baby in August, so that has me bogged down at the moment.. but I haven’t forgotten about this place. now go and get your Windows 8 install on… 🙂

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