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Windows 8 9431_Build 2013

Hey everyone.. I know its been a while since I have last posted and those of you still following along I completely appreciate it, I decided to give a small update due to the newest Windows 8 build being available … Continue reading

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Happy New Years!!

well crap! here we are, we didnt all die from the mayan craziness and seems like most of us survived christmas, or whatever you celebrate wherever the heck you are (CHEERS!) and POW! just like that another year gone and … Continue reading

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Still Alive

hey everyone…. were still alive here and i have been bogged down with “life issues” i havent forgotten about this place and check in frequently.. thanks for coming back guys & gals!

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Win8 9200 (RTM)Wallpaper & Lockscreens

Following up from my post “Demos & Wallpapers” about wallpapers being just as important as builds sometimes, this just adds to the theory and importance of these wallpapers, anyways, the build leaked we get that by now…and here are the … Continue reading

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Windows 8 9200 (RTM LEAKED)

it appears as though the RTM build of Windows 8 Enterprise has leaked, mind you without the boot.wim apparently to save on the size of the file, so you’ll have to make this bootable on your own and the build … Continue reading

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Microsoft Security Essentials Prerelease

hey gang, looks like there was a prerelease of MSE that was let out a few days ago for those of you in the program you can get your updates Via Connect, it appearss as though this is not going to be … Continue reading

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Demos & Wallpapers

so i was thinking about some of the older microsoft demos of builds that were shown at various times through out the build stages of Windows Longhorn, Windows Vista and Windows 7 and the correlation with the wallpapers shown in … Continue reading

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