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Demos & Wallpapers

so i was thinking about some of the older microsoft demos of builds that were shown at various times through out the build stages of Windows Longhorn, Windows Vista and Windows 7 and the correlation with the wallpapers shown in … Continue reading

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Longhorn After All This Time…

You know….its amazing when you think about it, the impact that Windows Longhorn had on the world and Communities far and wide. Even this second it still amazes people and communities are still deep in discussion about the huge amount … Continue reading

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Microsoft vs Cityboy vs Mediafire

so anyone who has downloaded any of my goods know that i use Mediafire, and have been for years now, i use it to host a lot of the stuff that i have shared and it has been extremely reliable … Continue reading

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Windows Aurora

I wanted to take a bit of a step back in time and talk about the two Aurora types that were found in Windows Longhorn that created a buzz back in the Longhorn days. Call it more of an effect or … Continue reading

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Windows User Experience Guidelines

The Windows User Experience is something that i have always been fascinated with, from the early days of Longhorn to whats happening with Windows 7 and beyond, so what are UX Guidelines? well they are more or less a standardized … Continue reading

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Aero User Experience Guidelines: Sampler for PDC 2003

What Are the Aero User Experience Guidelines? The updated and significantly revised version of the Windows User Experience guidelines, as well as a newbook, code-named “The Windows User Experience Cookbook,” will include guidelines and examples of good Aero user experience … Continue reading

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Media Browser Demo A unified system for browsing, filtering and tagging personal images

i have had this demo for quite some time now, and was mentioning it to someone today, and got to thinkin that i dont think many people have seen this…its a media browser with interesting Phodeo type effects, pretty damn … Continue reading

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