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Demos & Wallpapers

so i was thinking about some of the older microsoft demos of builds that were shown at various times through out the build stages of Windows Longhorn, Windows Vista and Windows 7 and the correlation with the wallpapers shown in … Continue reading

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Media Browser Demo A unified system for browsing, filtering and tagging personal images

i have had this demo for quite some time now, and was mentioning it to someone today, and got to thinkin that i dont think many people have seen this…its a media browser with interesting Phodeo type effects, pretty damn … Continue reading

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Beyond The Box 1.1

QUOTE The Challenge Rethink the Windows-based PC experience today and the role it plays in people’s lives. Envision how form factor influences the digital lifestyle-from personal productivity at work or home, to entertainment, mobility and lifestyle. Think big, be bold, … Continue reading

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CES 2004 – Media Browser Demo NextMedia – Microsoft Research Group

so again….another Demo of Media Broswer shown Live at CES 2004, introduction by Bill Gates as he discusses Media Management as well as sharing media over different storage mediums…as well as the future of Media! QUOTE One of the scenarios … Continue reading

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Longhorn Demo WDM Effects & DX Abilities

a bit of an old video now, but it was be our only demo of 4067, this is a demo by Jim Allchin showing the capabilites of WDM and what was to be in Windows Longhorn and features Build (4067.private/lddm_dev_tech(devdmo).040212-1646) … Continue reading

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PDC03 Demo Video

ah i love days like this…… so here is a small chunk from the PDC03 Demo presented by Hillel, i was goin to go into detail about the video, but hey! if your here you already know what it is!! … Continue reading

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Time Quilt Demo – Microsofts answer to media browsing…

Everytime i look back at things like this i quickly get mesmerized with Microsoft was trying to do….unfortunately in true Microsoft fashion, they did not deliver!  for those of you that downloaded my “Demos And Design” pack not to long … Continue reading

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