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Demos & Wallpapers

so i was thinking about some of the older microsoft demos of builds that were shown at various times through out the build stages of Windows Longhorn, Windows Vista and Windows 7 and the correlation with the wallpapers shown in … Continue reading

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PDC03 Wallpaper Pack

i shared this a while ago on and thought i would post it here as well, enjoy! These wallpapers were from slides that were shown during the Professional Developers Conference @ the LACC in 2003. All the wallpapers are … Continue reading

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Windows Aurora

I wanted to take a bit of a step back in time and talk about the two Aurora types that were found in Windows Longhorn that created a buzz back in the Longhorn days. Call it more of an effect or … Continue reading

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Aero User Experience Guidelines: Sampler for PDC 2003

What Are the Aero User Experience Guidelines? The updated and significantly revised version of the Windows User Experience guidelines, as well as a newbook, code-named “The Windows User Experience Cookbook,” will include guidelines and examples of good Aero user experience … Continue reading

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PDC03 Demo Video

ah i love days like this…… so here is a small chunk from the PDC03 Demo presented by Hillel, i was goin to go into detail about the video, but hey! if your here you already know what it is!! … Continue reading

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PDC 2003

October 26-30, 2003 @ LA Convention Centre Since 1991, the Professional Developers Conference (PDC) has been Microsoft’s premier gathering of leading-edge developers and architects. Attend the PDC to understand the future of the Microsoft platform and to exchange ideas with … Continue reading

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