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Demos & Wallpapers

so i was thinking about some of the older microsoft demos of builds that were shown at various times through out the build stages of Windows Longhorn, Windows Vista and Windows 7 and the correlation with the wallpapers shown in … Continue reading

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PDC2005 “The Goods”

PDC2005 “The Goods” two simple words that bring joy to geeks alike, “The Goods” the name of the schwag that Microsoft hands out at its Professional Developers Conferences….well! i finally got around to uploading the 4 DVD’s to BetaArchive and those … Continue reading

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Microsoft Max

So i have been wanting to do a small write up on what Microsoft Max is and what it is all about, but sadly there is very little info around about the 2005 “media type browsing” application that was Demo’d … Continue reading

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Sidebar Backport PDC05 lets the cat out of the bag….

During the 2005 Professional Developers Conference which took place September 13-16, 2005 at the very popular Microsoft spot The Los Angeles Convention Center, CA. a very signficant announcement was made, On Sept 15th during the “Windows Sidebar & Gadgets” session, … Continue reading

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The Northface Demo In-Store Explorer Proof-of-Concept

Fluid, a pioneer in online retail customer experience worked with The North Face, a premiere outdoor products manufacturer offering the most technically advanced products on the market to accomplished climbers, mountaineers, extreme skiers and explorers, to develop a proof-of-concept retail … Continue reading

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The past 60 days in 50 seconds

heres a lil gift that should get things stirring….. these were brought to my attention yesterday, and after looking at the first few pics…..i knew this was sumthin great!!! the person that had brought them to my attention (and they … Continue reading

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