Dj_cityboy – Man Machine Myth

A collection of tracks that were produced by dj cityboy and set to release in 2007 by LabRatz Productions/Tha Lobster Trap under the title Man Machine Myth.

Jamie Cole a dj from Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada, has gone by multiple names s3p2o, Dr Mind Bender, Baby J and has been producing hiphop since 1985, Born in 1974 he grew up mostly listening to a variety of music and was introduced to hiphop in mid 1985 through local college radio station CKDU, The Album is from time a when spray paint, latenight production and Freestyle Fridays took over and a variety of music was produced that is presented to you here in its rawest form. 6 Tracks representing a period in time and space while traveling from Zone 3 to Saturn on a mission to find the Saturianians.

Enjoy this trip to your inner minds eye with dj cityboy Man Machine Myth.

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